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The MKM group is currently OPEN and seeking bloggers!

More About Aleka's Mastermind

Mastermind groups will meet twice a month via Zoom. Each meeting will be focused primarily on keywords, rankings and overall on-page optimization.
Once a month, a member will be selected to be in the SPOTLIGHT for the entire session.
This will be their opportunity to bring to the group any stumbling blocks they are crossing as well as ask for advice or a different POV on a post, keyword, recipe (including photos, intent, format, etc.)
The second monthly session will be focused on following up with previous tasks/assignments to check in on your progress.
If a topic that is non-keyword related would like to be discussed, that's OK, as long as it's relevant to blogging.
Aleka will be offering expert tips and advice throughout each session as well as steer conversation to stay solution focused, however her main job is to facilitate each session. Active participation is required by all members.

*Aleka believes that the best teachers are the ones who encourage their student's to lead lessons.

Is This Group Right For YOU?

Mastermind groups are a serious time and financial investment. They are not for everyone. To determine if you'd be a good fit, ask yourself if you are...

  • ...a blogger who is passionate about what they do, committed to growing and eager to learn from others.
  • ...someone who has a strong understanding of keywords, but wants more guidance and support moving forward.
  • ...feeling a bit stuck and is in need of more content ideas or blog direction.
  • ...someone who has hundreds of old content sitting on your blog.
  • need of support from like-mided individuals to keep you inspired & motivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time committment for this mastermind?
The mastermind is a 12-month commitment. Each month, there will be a bi-weekly 60-minute session.

Is this group just for food bloggers?

No. Bloggers in any niche are encouraged to apply! With that said, MKM groups will be bloggers who are in the SAME niche which is why we have an application process.

Will I be grouped with bloggers new and experienced?

When forming a mastermind, we focus on bringing together bloggers who are "at the same level" in their blogging journeys. Some of the things we consider are traffic, blog experience, blog niche, amount of content and individual goals.

What is the investment?
The cost for the mastermind is $3500 and can be paid in full or in two separate payments. The first payment is due upon signing up and the second payment will be charged at the 6 month mark.

What if I miss a session?
All sessions are recorded and will be shared on the Facebook group. You will be required to watch at your convenience and offer feedback at the next session.

After 12 months, what happens?

You have the option to renew your subscription to the MKM group OR you can take your newly learned skills to apply them in real time independently.

You will have forever access to the Facebook group but Aleka will not be available to contribute further.

What if it's not for me?

You can request a refund only after the first session, however a full refund may not be granted.

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*We are looking to form our 2025 mastermind group that will begin in January of 2026!*